Project Phases

  • Estimate
  • Decision/Agreement
  • Planning
  • Information Gathering
  • Graphic Design
  • Development / Coding
  • Testing / Editing
  • Website Launch
  • Project Completion
  • Hosting
  • Optional Addons
  • SEO
  • SEM


These are a few of the sites I've done.
Ron Hill Trucking llc Dreamer Designs Disability Community

I'm Wes D. Sturdevant, owner of Dreamer Web Development. and have been making webpages for nearly a decade. Until now it was just a hobby but now I've decided to do it full time and have a couple associates to help me. I found myself interested in web design long ago learning HTML and soon CSS. Now in my spare time I also try to learn PHP, JS and several other programming languages. I also try to stay current on SEO/SEM (search engine optimization) and (search engine marketing) as well as new technology to stay current with the times. Although I started this business a year ago I try to focus on the few I have and learning a lot so I don't make as many mistakes growing too big too fast. But would like to take on more business and perhaps expand adding some people to help me on them.